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Note the use of LCM
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1 installation
    Installation of LCD module is PCB mounting hole assembly to the instrument, because the display module consists of two pieces of very thin glass is easy to damage. Therefore, when installing the application should especially careful.
2 cleaning module
    When the cleaning of the module, take a little solvent with a soft cloth dipped in (recommended) can be.
    Do not wipe the display so as not to damage the surface of polarizer with dry or hard materials.
    Do not use solvents are as follows:
    - water
    - ketone
    Aromatic compounds
3 to prevent static electricity
    Drive IC used on LCD module for C-MOS large scale integrated circuit. So do not put any unused input terminal is connected to VDD or VSS, don't before turning on the power module to input any signal and the operator's body, work table, assembly and Taiwan grounding, installation of equipment to prevent static electricity.
4 packaging
    The LCD module to avoid severe vibration, or falling from height.
    In order to prevent module aging, avoid direct sunlight or in high temperature and high humidity environment or storage.
5 operation (note)
    The LCD module must be driven in a specified voltage range, higher than the driving voltage required to shorten the life of the LCD module.
    Direct current will cause the deterioration of LCD, thus avoiding the use of DC drive.
    The response time of the LCD will be significantly lengthened temperature below the working temperature range, higher temperature range, LCD dark.
    This phenomenon will return to normal in the recovery work temperature range, the problem is not the product quality.
    If in the working state, the display area is pushed hard, some of the characters will display an error, but the closing time will return to normal.
    The electrode terminals of the condensation due to electrochemical reaction leads to open.
    At the highest temperature, humidity should be less than 50%RH.
6 storage
    If the long-term storage (such as one year) recommended the use of the following methods:
    The module of sealed polyethylene plastic bags, moisture-proof.
    Place in dark and the temperature in the storage temperature within the prescribed scope of place.
    To avoid touching the surface of the polarizing plate in storage. (it is recommended that the goods are kept in the inner packing bag)
7 Security
    It is recommended that the damaged or useless LCD module be broken into pieces and then clean the liquid crystal with ethanol and alcohol.
    If the leakage of the liquid crystal in the LCD screen is damaged by mistake, please wash it with soapy water.
2 use note
    In the supply and demand sides agreed to provide a certain number of samples for evaluation, provide a certain number of samples by mutual way.     After the sample is confirmed, the sample will be used for batch evaluation.
    The following situation, through consultation between the two sides to resolve
    When there is a problem with this specification;
    - new problems not specified in this specification;
    - when the customer has a problem with the test specification and the use of the condition changes;
    When the sample size in the module of client installation evaluation occurs when a new problem, and therefore has a dispute.
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