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1-1. Installation
To install the LCD module, connect the installation hole in PCB to the equipment. It must be very careful in installing and using the LCD Modules as the built-in display panel is made up of two thin glasses that are easily to be damaged.
1-2. Cleaning the module
  Use soft cloth to dip with little amount of solvent(highly recommended to use Isopropyl alcohol and Ethyl alcohol) when cleaning the module.
  Avoid using dry and hard materials to clean the screen. It will damage the polarizer
  Do not use the following Solvents:
  Aromatic compound
1-3 Prevention of Electrostatic
  LCD Module is driven by C-MOS large scale Integrated Circuit
  Please do not connect unused input terminal with VDD or VSS. Do not input signals to the module when the power supply has not been switched on. Operators’ body, working platform and building platform are to be connected to earth wire. The facilities must be free from static electricity.
1-4 Packaging
  Avoid violent vibration and dropping from great height.
  Avoid exposing the module under the sunlight and under high temperature. This will deteriorate the module.
1-5 Operations (Precautions)
-LCD Modules must be activated under the default Voltage settings. The life span of LCD will be shortened if operating beyond the default settings.
-Avoid using direct current to operate the LCD module to prevent deterioration. 
-The response time of LCD will be substantially longer when operating below the default temperature. It will become dimmer at higher temperature.
-This phenomenon mentioned above will be back to normal when the LCD has resumed to normal working temperature and is unrelated to the quality of the product.
-There will be errors in displaying characters when the display panel is pressed with force during operation. It will be back normal after switching on/off once.
-The condensed electrode will lead to short-circuit due to electrochemical reactions
-The humidity must be below 50%RH when working at highest temperature.
1-6. Storage
If LCD Module has been stored for a long time (over 1 year), it is recommended to do the following measure:
  Seal the module into the polyethylene plastic bag to make it moisture-proof.
  Place it under light-free environment with the standard temperature for proper storage
  Avoid touching with any substances and the surface of polarizer
1-7 Safety
  For damaged and unused LCD Module, break it into pieces and destroy by incineration after cleaning with the ethyl alcohol and the propyl alcohol.
  Please use soap water to clean the hand when there is leakage of damaged LCD module

2. Precautions
Supplier and producers are agreed to send certain amount of LCD Modules for evaluation. The products will then be qualified in batch after the order has been confirmed.
Please contact us when 
  There are enquiries on the specifications
  New problem arises beyond the scope of the specifications.
  There are enquiries on the changes in specifications and operations
  New problems arise from the dimension evaluation and installation process.